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    any chance making this 4 columns (or adjust to suit size of browser).


    works in safari (4 columns), but not in chrome or firefox (only 3 columns).



    Sorry took so long. This was not an easy problem, though the solution is simple enough. Problem is with the aspect ratio of the images and the way that Safari handles remainders of a division…

    You have 450 pixels to house 4 images, so the width of each image should me 112.5 maximum. The problem is that 112.5 gets rounded off to 113, and 113*4 = 452….. 2 pixels more than the 450px of allocated space. Safari rounds off numbers differently thus everything fits.

    Seems as if it would be simple to increase the size by two pixels. But unfortunately 2 divided by 4 images, will not work.

    Is there a particular reason you are uploading 410x 300 images? I you upload 400×300 images instead, this problem would not exist. Just keep numbers in mind that are divisible by 4 with no remainder.




    Hi Nick,

    i’m just uploading the images at 800x533px. The template adjusts the images accordingly which means i’m not defining any thumbnail image size.

    Currently the thumbnails are about 116px by 84 i think.



    The theme currently accepts 1-3 columns based on the backend settings. I am not sure there is an easy way to add an additional column. I am not sure if you added css into that page to shrink the images like that, but a 3 column portfolio should look like http://www.kriesi.at/themes/sentence/portfolio-3-columns/

    Your images right now are 410×300 ( http://photography.kevintrinh.com/files/2012/09/local00_800-410×300.jpg )




    in my dashboard where I choose “Portfolio Columns” I didn’t select anything (so l just left it to ‘Select…’ which gave me the following results:




    my desired result is like the safari screenshot.



    I will pass your suggestion to Kriesi regarding having a four column portfolio for the Sentence Theme. I think it’s a good idea that makes sense. If you change theme settings to 3 columns, will Safari still display the 4th column?




    yes. Please let me know once this has been implemented… or if there is an easy fix.

    Having the setting at 3 columns does not show 4 columns (in safari).



    Interesting. I will take another look at it as well as pass this all up to Kriesi. I want to do a character by character comparison between the source when it shows four and three on Safari. Maybe there is a quick way to do this. Please hang on.



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