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    Hello, I am new in wordpress, and flashlights is my first template!!!

    I have one million of questions,…but today I only need a few!!

    1- Where is custom.css?

    2- How can I put a form in the contact page?

    3- I have seen some pages with flashlight with de addres in the main menu, between the menu and the social media. How can I get this?

    4- Can I put one slide gallery in the home, and in the others pages a diferent static image?

    Thank you!!


    I forgot one thing,…one more question.

    5- Where is de user manual?

    Thank you again!!



    1) Custom.css can be found in themes/flashlight/css/custom.css – you can access it with ftp tools like filezilla. WordPress will not show the file in the theme editor.

    2) Go to Flashlight > Contact & Social Stuff and select the contact page there. Maybe you need to create a new page before (you can name it, etc. as you like but you need to select it in the dropdown then.

    3) Do you mean the copyright text? You can edit it in sidebar.php.

    4) Yes – you can create a page which will be used as homepage. Add your slideshow images to this page. Then go to Flashlight > Theme Options and select this page as frontpage (you can also set a static front page – Settings > Reading).

    Afterwards go to Flashlight > General Settings and upload your standard background image.

    5) The user manual can be found in the zip file you downloaded from themeforest. Open up the file and search for the “documentation” folder. You’ll find a index.html file in it which can be viewed in the browser.


    The first of all is,….thank you very much for your answers, you was very fast did it!!!Thank you a lot!!

    All the answers was really easy for a new “wordpresser”!!

    The question number 3, you can see an example in .Between the menu and the social media icons, there is a box with the company´s name, address, telephone and email. I would like to put one box like this in my website.

    Thank you again!!


    I think it’s just a simple text widget which is displayed under the main nav. Go to Appearance > Widgets and add a text widget to your sidebar. Then enter your contact data.


    Hey, thank you very much!!

    All is OK.


    Glad that I could help you :)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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