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    Hi there,

    even I have read all threads about responsiveness of Abundance, I have not found anything what would solve my problem.

    My site is wider than iPad and iPhone screen and visitors need to scroll from left to right to see all content on the site. As I remember everything was OK on iPad until I upgraded to iOS 6 (I have not tested my site on iPhone before) so I am not sure if problem is caused by new version of iOS or I have an error in my site code:(

    I would very appriciate any help. One more question, what is better: boxed or stretched layout (acitve now on my site) for proper sizing on different screens?

    Thanks in advance, Robert.


    Hi Robert,

    Do you mean you can’t pinch to zoom out when viewing the site? It could just be a matter of zooming out to reset your local view of the page.

    But since there is no responsive setting on the site it should behave like any other non-responsive site for mobile view.




    Hi Devin,

    first thanks for quick response!

    I can zoom out my site on iPhone but when the site is completly visible on iPhone screen letters are too small to read.

    You have written: ” But since there is no responsive setting on the site”…does it mean that Abundance theme does not have responsive setting or that I am doing something wrong and I do not have it just on my site? Is there something I can do to have my site responsive? My idea is that my site should look on mobile like this:

    Thanks again, Robert.


    Yes, Abundance is *not* a responsive theme so there is no change to the site when viewing it on a mobile or tablet device. The text will stay the same size and the layout will not adjust at all. A user would need to zoom in just as if it were a regular non-responsive site (as it isn’t responsive).




    …thanks for your replies.



    If you are looking for a responsive WooCommerce capable theme there is now Enfold, Replete and Propulsion which are all responsive and support the plugin for ecommerce capability.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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