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    Hi all,

    I worked late into the night with this excellent Abundance theme – the layout, functionality etc. all working perfectly when I went to bed.

    Woke up this morning to find this odd protrusion on all pages:

    Any ideas what happened/how to fix/what I’ve done wrong etc?

    Many thanks,




    your website displays fine for me here – I couldn’t find a glitch:

    Maybe try to clear your browser cache?


    Hi – thanks for the incredibly fast response!

    I should’ve been more specific – it seems to be a Google Chrome issue only.

    Many thanks,



    I’m also seeing this on Google Chrome on my Mac, it’s on this site:

    (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -at-9.22.jpg” />

    Using Adobe BrowserLab, I don’t see it with Windows Chrome.


    I don’t see it in Chrome 15.x and 16.x on Mac. (none of the sites). All works perfect here.


    Please try to clear your browser cache – it displays fine with Firefox, Chrome and IE on Win7. Maybe a browser plugin causes the error?


    This is for Chrome on Mac. I disabled and uninstalled all my extensions, completely cleared Chrome, restarted it, and still see this problem.


    I’m getting the same thing. Everything was working great last night, but starting this morning, I have various divs that jut out to the right.

    It’s happening only on Chrome (for Windows XP, version 16.0.912.63m) right now. IE 9 and Fireworks 8 both work fine. Seems to be a Chrome thing at this point.


    By the way, I did try clearing the browser cache and disabling some extensions. Still the same. I think the template has a sniffer that is rendering different style classes for Chrome, but I haven’t found it yet.


    I meant Firefox 8. Whoops. LOL. One more thing to note, the problem only appears with the boxed layout for me. The stretched layout seems ok.


    Ok, have one more thing to report on this. I went to another computer that was running an older version of Chrome (15 something) and it was rendering the page correctly. But I noticed that I went to ‘About Google Chrome’ to see which version it was, a message popped up saying that it was “updating to latest version”….as soon as Chrome updated itself, the problem also happened on that computer. The new version was 16 something, the same that I’m running on this computer. So this appears to be caused by a new version of Chrome. Now, how to fix the issue. I have tried multiple things and have still not resolved the problem.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    I have also tried everything to fix this problem on my site but I am still getting the same protrusions. I am only having this issue with Google Chrome for Mac.

    Everything was fine until I updated to the latest WordPress 3.3.


    Today I also upgraded to WordPress 3.3 on 3 more sites (built on different themes by different designers). No problems. Everything is working fine. Looks the same in Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

    To see if this may have something to do with the theme I also upgrade to WordPress on my site that is using the Flashlight theme by Kriesi. Again no problems. Everything stills looks and works the same.

    Somehow the upgrade has affected only the Abundance theme in Chrome.

    Hope this helps someone figure out an answer.



    I’ll ask Kriesi to look into it asap – he has a Mac and he can test all combinations.


    Just a note. This doesn’t appear to be a WordPress 3.3 issue, as it was doing it on my 3.2.1 install also. From all of my experiences so far, it appears to be a version with the latest version of Chrome.


    thanks for the notice!

    also seems to happen in the corona theme. I will upload an update soon. for now you can simply add the following css rules to your custom.css file to fix the problem:

    div .container_wrap{display:block; clear:both; }
    div #footer, div #socket{overflow:hidden;}


    Thanks Kriesi, that fixed it for me!


    Thanks Kriesi, that worked for me as well.


    Glad that Kriesi could help you :)


    The area in between the footer got hidden (footer_extra_text_div)

    id=”footer_extra_text_div” was not showing up

    Could you please help me in this issue?


    Uploaded with


    Seems that Chrome 16.0.912.63 (at least on Mac) is quite buggy. Broken CSS all over the place .


    Yeah! Kriesi’s fix above worked perfectly for me. I’m so happy I asked. Thanks for being so on top of this. That was scary for a minute!



    it would be great if you provided links to your sites so we could check what the issue is. Without a live site we can’t offer much styling solutions.

    It’s good to see the solution Kriesi provided works for most.


    I think I may have fixed it…

    Try taking out the margin:20px auto 0 auto; that’s inside #socket .container{

    It seemed to clear up the issue with Chrome.



    just a short notice: the update will be available in a few hours and it should also fix any chrome related issues :)




    I’ve looked at the recent Chrome vs Firefox on  thread. Mine is about the callout box not displaying and aligning the same in two different browsers. I absolutely need correct alignment or it throws the look. You can check out the changes if you visit . I’m looking to get the site up ASAP and would really appreciate any help.

    I can see the classes to target, but I can’t find the specific div tags. If you had the specific divs or lines in code that would be great.

    Happy holidays.


    Where can I find the Chrome fix update to download?



    You can download it @ – login and go the the download area. Then download the files again. I’d wait 1 day though because it takes some time until the themeforest staff reviews the update.


    My black bar on the right hand side has returned. I updated to the latest version of the Corona Theme. I also inserted the custom CSS recommended before but this did not help. I am on a mac using chrome v.16.0.912.75. Please help.

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