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    I’m a little behind, but hope you can help. I am running Abundance 1.1 and realize that there has been an update. I thought that I would be prompted in WordPress that there was an update, but that never happened. How can I update my Abundance theme so I can then update to Woo Commerce 2.0.12? I can’t seem to find an update link of any kind on your site(?)

    Thank you!



    FYI –

    I have logged into Theme Forest to find an update link, but there is no indication that I’ve purchased this theme. However, I have the receipt for payment of this theme in an email. Not sure how best to proceed.

    Thanks, Ali


    Hey Ali,

    In your Downloads section you should have the Abundance theme shown and the option to download.

    If not, contact Themeforest support and they will be able to assist you in getting the option back. We don’t actually have any interaction with them at all as Kriesi provides support voluntarily completely independent of Themeforest.




    No, there is no record of that purchase there. I have contacted Theme Forest and waiting to hear back. Thank you. Ali


    Hopefully they will be able to sort it out. We are just completely without any tools to help unfortunately.

    When you are able to get the theme restored on your account just make a new topic if you have any issues downloading and installing the updated theme files.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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