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    I am trying to place some ad blocks into my post through a plugin called Adrotate.

    The code is placed in the plugin and I include a shortcode.

    However the add is cut off eventhough it should fit. I have tried 458x 15 and 336 x 228 but both get cut off

    Below is the link

    http://www.lifecleansing.net/ (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -to-lose-weight/


    Hi natclarke,

    The code you have to force the height of the iframe needs to have the height specified as well:

    ins iframe {
    width: 336px !important;
    height: 280px !important;




    Thanks the add block 336 x280 works

    However I placed in the code for the 458x 15 ad block and it still cuts it off

    ins iframe {

    width: 458px !important;

    height: 15px !important;



    Hi natclarke,

    I checked your site and the code Devin worked perfectly. The code you pasted above uses 15px in height, will surely cut off as it is too small.




    What code do I use then for a 458 x 15 block?




    Hi Natalie,

    If you are using multiple different sizes of ads then the containers will need to be targeted individually. Eg, you could only use the above css once, but if it gets pointed at specific ads then it could be added multiple times.




    How do you do that? The ads are on every page and post.




    It sounds like whatever code is inserting the ads is working incorrectly if its happening everywhere. The code from the actual ad is what is causing it to appear incorrectly, the css fix above is just something I saw that could force a fix on that page because the ads own code was wrong.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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