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    Relevanssi has been an excellent plugin for improving search functionality in the Abundance theme with Woocommerce. But I’m still having trouble enabling product categories and archive pages in search results. I’ve tried adding many different variations of custom taxonomies and fields to the Relevanssi settings – but have had no luck. Is there something I’m missing? product_cat, product_tag, category, cat, cats, product_type, _product_cat, _product_tag, _product_type, pa_attribute, meta_key,product_category, archive, product_archive, product-archive, archive, product-category

    I realize you guys don’t officially support 3rd party plugins, but I have a feeling this issue may have something to do with the visibility/searchability of product_cats and archives in the avia framework. I can see products (and product thumbnails), but the product category pages don’t show up. If someone searches for “cameras,” I would love for the cameras product_cat archive page to show up in the results.

    Sample search result:


    Hi lynxmarketing,

    As far as I know the theme wouldn’t be interfering in that in anyway. While I’m not familiar with how the plugin modifies the search, it would probably be related to WooCommerce since it creates and controls all custom taxonomies related to products.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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