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    Hi there

    First of all thanks for a great theme :)

    Now my URL is // – and if you go to this post :

    You will se there is a product – what i need is to add a comment field under this product, under the customer rating, so that people can bid on it.

    So basically what i need is just a comment form under each product i create :)


    Jasko / Cuuta

    My profile is also Cuuta on Themeforest and i will send you an email there as well


    Well, any replies? I kind of need this ?


    Have you activated the comments in your post editor – there’s an option called “Allow comments.” at the bottom. Check it and a comments form should appear.


    It is activated.

    But the products are not posts? I use WP-ecommerce plugin, and you dont create the products under posts – add new .

    You create them by going store -> products -> add new product .

    The intense debate is activated on the ordinary posts. But i need it on the products.



    You can activate the comments by using following code in the e-commerece post template:

    <div class='entry commententry'>
    <?php comments_template(); ?>

    Officially we don’t provide support for third party plugins so if you need help with the plugin integration I can only help you on a freelancer basis.


    Where do i locate the e-commerce post template? I mean where should i paste this code?

    Okay, i’ve got another question.

    The three columns at the front page below the slider. How can i choose which picture is should show in the boxes over the text?

    When i activate the columns to show pages, posts or widgets it only shows the text? No picture is showed?


    1) As I mentioned above your question is out of scope – this is a customization. I can’t help you with the integration as part of my support job.

    2) You need to set “Preview Pictures” under Display Preview Image Options in your post/page editor.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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