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    So when I click on that button when adding a portfolio item, enter the URL copy pasted from either youtube or vimeo, it shows up as a link in the thumbnail.

    When I try to edit the image caption, it stops working properly.

    I’ve found workarounds to this (by the caption button when you open up the item, or as a image linked with a video after opening the item) but I want to be able to use this function properly.

    Am I missing something?


    Hi Jessipoo,

    When you add the videos, make sure you are putting in only the link to the video, not the extra stuff at the end. For youtube (and from the example video on your site)


    Should actually be:


    Hey Devin,

    I made the change but it’s still displaying the link.


    Please try if you can use the embed shortcode in the content: – use it like:

    [embed width="123" height="456"][/embed]

    If the video doesn’t appear too it’s probably a server side problem (blocked socket connections, etc.). The socket connections are required to retrieve the oembed protocol.


    It didn’t work when I pasted it in the “add external video by URL”

    So you said it’s server side.

    Do I need to contact my host for them to enable it somehow?


    Hello, I have this problem, too, for videos I am trying to upload to a portfolio page. I have no problem with my other site and adding videos, but when I try to “add a portfolio item”

    and go to the bottom and upload a video I, too, only get a link, not the image.

    Please advise, as this feature should be working.

    I’m using a company called WISTIA for video hosting.

    Thank you!!


    Hi Jessipoo,

    Did you try putting the embed code into to text editing area or as the URL? If its not working even within the page then yes,its a server issue.


    Hi Mebebrown,

    You can see a list of supported video hosting providers for embedding within wordpress here:

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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