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    1) I love this template ideal for my business

    I am sure this was working right at the start however seem to have created a bug somehow and need help in fixing it. So you know I did add a few pages and then “Delete Permanently” how other than that I have no idea what I have done.

    Ok when I Add New Post without Featured Image and it still show in the “News Slideshow”. I thought that Post only displayed there if you added a Featured Image?

    I have over 1000 pages to add to my site once I get this last bug fixed.

    Not all information I have has images and I would like to only have a few pages showing in the slider.



    You’ve got a fine looking website, I sure like it, professional yet friendly and down to earth. I’ve looked through a lot of your photos in the News Slideshow, but I’ve not seen one without a photo. What do you see when that happens? – an empty area where the photo was meant to be or a broken image graphic?

    Please clear out your browser cache, and take another look. If you would please specify the page that has no image yet you see it in the slideshow.




    Hello Nick

    Thank you for your comments about my site wait until I have all my content online it will be a real showcase for Newcast theme

    See now I just did a post and added no images just plain text.

    If you need a login setup please let me know and I will email you the details or add me to you Skype newzealandnz or ICQ 1475089 or msn (Email address hidden if logged out)


    ASAP would be good so I can remove the posting on the homepage!


    Just for the record if anyone else tell me to “clear out your browser cache” I will die. I have 4 computers and they all have the same problem ;-)



    That’s because asking people to clear the cache seems to solve most problems. Too bad my mechanic don’t have a nifty 50/50 strategy like clearing its cache to car every few months.

    Ok. Please open the index.php at the root of the theme, make a backup, select everything inside it and delete it. Instead paste the contents of this bin inside there. This is from the latest version of the theme, which I hope you are using: <— COPY CODE FROM HERE

    Please let us know how it went.




    No difference!

    I will try downloading the template again.

    However feel it is a database problem more than template issue.

    Next I will start over


    Ok new install of WordPress and Downloaded new templates and I get the same problem


    NOTE the test for has not featured image so it should show in the cats not the slider right?


    The only way I can see it working is if I make a cat called slider and “Exclude all other Categories” that should work.

    However the Slider Category would show as a Category and would be so much nicer if when you selected “featured image” then it by default showed in the Slider.

    I have not tested if placing all excluded categories if it shop them showning yet



    Sorry, was my mistake, Please try the version of the code up on the link now.




    You rock that fixed it!

    Thank you so much please look back at my site in 2-3 months when I have all out data loaded it will be a real show case for your template


    Just notice another thing that I think shouldn’t be happening

    See this page

    I am using the “Newscast Sidebar News Widget” and it is displaying post without images is there anyway of making it only showing post that have Thumbnails? also it would be great if that was also the same for post showing on the homepage.

    I have a lot of content without images and it will look a heap nicer having only content with images displaying on the homepage if you know what I am saying.




    Hi Danny,

    Any chance you could open the last thing you asked in a new ticket and I will handle the previous one on the link you posted? Otherwise it looks like I can’t answer a single question for a month lol.



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