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    Hi All,
    I need to add a site title in container.header_meta (where normally next event countdown clock is),
    Which file should I modify?
    And what code to add?

    Many thanks


    Hi TheElear!

    Please go to Appearance > Editor and open Header.php file and find

    echo "<div class='container header_meta'>";

    and add following code right below it

    echo "<div class='wp-title'>".wp_title()."</div>";



    Hi Yigit,

    I need the site/blog title not page title. Would that be correct?:
    echo “<div class=’bloginfo’>”.bloginfo(‘name’).”</div>”;
    Is class=’bloginfo’ ok to be used?

    When I applied this the source code looks like that:

    <div class="container header_meta">
       Parafia Jezusa Miłosiernego Croydon
       <div class="bloginfo"></div> 
       <ul class="noLightbox social_bookmarks icon_count_3"></ul>

    That means that if I style class=’bloginfo’ in the sylesheet this is not going to be applied to the site title, is it?

    many thanks,



    It should be

    <div class=’new-bloginfo’> <?php bloginfo('name'); ?> </div>

    It just depends on exactly the placement you want but thats the gist of it.


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    Its just the difference in using “” or ”. But in your css the rule would be with no quotes.

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    Please post the header.php code on pastebin.com or just post the the code for the blog info area.



    Hi Ismael,

    This is the header.php: http://pastebin.com/AuYdZMbf
    And this is styling in styles.css:

    /* Styling of the site name in top left area of page */
    .new_bloginfo {
    	width: 700px;
    	height: 40px;
    	margin: -20px 0px 0px;
    	font-size: 20px;

    many thanks,

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    Can you create an administrator account and post it here as a private reply?


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    Now it’s taking effect:



    Hi Josue,

    Many thanks! What have you done to achieve this?

    kind regards,


    There were a quote typo in header.php.


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