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    /images<?php echo $kriesi_options; ?>/header_image6.jpg’ alt=” height=”240″ width=”900″ />

    Above is the code for one of my images in the header.

    How do you add a URL link, or a link that will open a PDF with “_blank” ?

    Can you add links to some (but not all) of the Slideshow images?


    Hi larronde,

    I’m not sure what you mean exactly. Cubit is a bit of an older theme so if you can help provide some context we can look further into what it is you are looking for.




    CUBIT, I know it is older. But we are using it and so far, the client loves it.

    You have the Slideshow in the header. It has different images. My client wants to be able to click on an image and have it open another page, URL, it could even be target=”blank” and go to a different window.

    Image 1 (click on it before it transitions to image 2) go to a another website

    Image 2 (click on it before it transitions to image 3) goes to a PDF

    Image 3 (click on it before it transitions to image 4) goes to an email window

    Is this possible?


    No, unfortunately not. I checked the slider code and (function $.fn.toolani_transition in js/custom.js) and the slider just supports images. It’s not possible to display other html elements like links or divs or spans, etc. – this would require a major rewrite of the slider script.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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