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    Under Portfolio Items >> Add New Portfolio Entry

    I add tile, content and click check box to associate a category ( ie Websites)

    – Then I try to add a featured image (which will also be the thumbnail for the Gallery – right?).

    – Under Post Thumbnail Options which is the Thumbnail OVERWRITE Options (which is all that is shown on the page for installing images) I click “Insert Image” button

    – It Opens the MEDIA LIBRARY where I select an image (now it gets weird) SOME images (all jpegs) allow “INSERT INTO POST” options.

    – Other images do not show that option and NO images show the “SET FEATURED IMAGE” option.

    So i cannot set the Featured Image on a new Portfolio Entry!!??

    OK so I… click the INSERT INTO POST option and adds the image into the THUMBNAIL like expected but the is not pop up image or Featured image on the landing page of the READ MORE

    Thanks for your help



    One more thing…

    I created a Portfolio Item called NATIVIS WEB and it worked (allowed me to add the SET FEATURE IMAGE. but that was a few days ago and now I am stuck…

    The Default Theme Content works well as shown in the Portfolio>Website links


    Maybe you need to reupload the images. Sometimes the Featured image option doesn’t work for “old” gallery images.


    Thanks Dude.

    I installed AVISIO to another WordPress project and the FEATURED IMAGE option was available and working on both PORTFOLIO ENTRY and SLIDER ENTRY. But it is NOT showing OR available on my site in question for both of those areas.

    I had added some plug-ins recently and one was a Meteor Slider and wonder if plug-ins can affect AVISIO’s function. Is that true? I think that was about the time the FEATURED IMAGE option went away. Not sure.

    Oh.. i deleted a bunch of images from my Library and added new ones with NO affect on the availability of the FEATURED IMAGE option.

    btw… The Featured Image option IS available on PAGES… just not on both PORTFOLIO ENTRY and SLIDER ENTRY. Is this a quirk in the software? Am I spending a ton of hours on something that is just broken? I need to move on to other stuff if this is an unfix-able bug.

    Thanks for your help



    Peter fixed it. Well, more like solved it by knowing the Meteor Slider Pluging conflicted with the site. He removed it and now all is well again.

    Thanks Peter. Great job.

    Now I need to find a slider for my internal pages that will not mess up the code. :)



    Glad that I could help you. You can search codecaynon for an image slider plugin.

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