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    From the demo home page, how to add a portfolio of 3 columns beside the text “Check out the demo videos to learn how to set up the theme in a few minutes”

    I have tried everything. Not able to.

    Can you tell me the steps.

    Thank you



    Please take a look at this video I just made specific to brightbox and 3 column portfolio.

    Step 1: make portfolio categories

    Step 2: make portfolio items

    Step 3: create a portfolio template

    Step 4 Create a Portfolio Main page and add the portfolio template to the page.





    Thanks for the video tutorial

    What I actually want is to put the 3 column “portfolio element ” within “columns element” in the templatic builder

    as in the demo home page

    in the 25% column – insert text – How can I use the templatic builder to place those “3 portfolio images/excerpt” below the Ruler as you did in demo home page of Bright Box theme.

    in the 75% column – insert portfolio element

    Thank you.


    Hi again

    Just to make it clear for you to understand what I want to do is :

    1. In my home page template builder

    2. I want to create a column element 25% : 75%

    3. in the 25% column 1 content – apply direct text input

    4. in the 75% column 2 content – apply single page and select portfolio 3 column template

    I have tried that but the 2nd column only display title of page

    My test site is . Please take a look.

    **removed by Devin**

    Appreciate if you can help to show me the correct way of doing .

    I want to make it look same as demo site

    Thanks and look forward to your reply


    Hi soonee,

    I believe that is actually a 4 column element where the first column is set to direct text input and the following three columns are Page content with a preview slideshow/image and post content. Then on those pages there is a more tag to separate exactly where to show the read more button when viewed like this.

    Also, this is a public forum so don’t post your wordpress login information, not very safe :)




    Hi Devin

    It works for me now. Many Thanks for clearing my confusion and your advice!!




    Glad we could help :)



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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