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    how is it possible to add share buttons on single product pages for example,

    or anyotherones you might suggest too


    Hi capmaticenvato,

    Most good social plugins will automatically hook into the pages. You could also find one that allows you to add the call for the social buttons and then we can help you add that php call to the theme.




    actually you know what i saw in the help abundance document that it talks about sharethis.

    “ShareThis Publisher ID – ShareThis provides you with some social sharing buttons. Enter your publisher ID to show the ShareThis widget on products pages.”

    now i want to go with sharethis….

    i created an account.. with them under publishers. you should be able to give me the steps to take to add the php code. Im sure its something typical for that theme that im asking for since you mentioned it on your help documents


    In that case just go to the Woocommerce Settings>Integration tab and click on the ShareThis link at the top of that page. You enter in your ID and Save Changes.

    That should do it!


    okay what about ssl, will it affect ssl pages since it links to outside http links?

    just wondering


    I think it should adjust automatically. It would be a bit of an oversite if the integrated social option didn’t have support for ssl.


    cool everything works fine so for SSL sharethis is a great thing to use, it does it all automatically



    Thanks for the update and glad its working for you :)



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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