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    I’m really enjoying the Enfold theme! Great job guys!

    Please help me with the questions below:

    1. How do I add social bookmarks to the right of the Search icon on the header like you have on your website, http://www.kriesi.at?
    2. How do I change the background of where the bookmarks will be since my header background is dark blue? It would be nice to have a lighter background for the bookmarks.
    3. Does your theme allow for floating Content Areas on the sidebars? I might use this functionality for my social bookmarks. I was thinking of using this plugin, Strx Magic Floating Sidebar Maker, unless you’ve the functionality built in. Example is here: http://www.strx.it/



    Hey Percy!

    1- Please go to Enfold theme options > Header Layout > Extra Elements > Header Social Icons = Display in main header area
    2- Enfold theme options > Advanced Styling and edit “Small bar above main menu”
    3- There is not such built-in feature but i have seen some other users using plugins to achieve that :)




    Awesome! Thanks for your help. Everything works perfectly.




    You are welcome Percy, glad we could help :)


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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