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    For some pages I need to show some input like category names.

    For example, I have country names as categories for my portfolio items. This way I can click the country name in the portfolio grid to filter the portfolio items. But when I click a portfolio item I need it’s category name, the country, to be visible again in the details page.

    As far as I’ve read on the WordPress site and Google, I need to insert something like ‘<?php single_cat_title( $prefix = ”, $display = true ); ?>’ or maybe even something like ‘<?php get_the_category() ?>’.

    I tried adding that rule in single-portfolio.php and loop-single-portfolio.php, but neither did the job. Preferably, I would even need to add these inside my portfolio page layout with the avia layout builder. For example, I want a portfolio image and on the left and on the right a 1/4 column with the category name (among other details).

    Any referral to more information on how to add this is definitely welcome, as long as it’ll work with the Enfold theme, ofc.


    Hey DavyE,

    Something like this would need to be done by a freelance developer. If we happened to have something on hand for it we could point you in the right direction but even coming up with a direction to go is problematic since I don’t want to point you down a road that wont ultimately work as I don’t have the full picture of the requirements, needs, portability etc.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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