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    I’ve got 2 questions for you guys. A site that was designed by someone else using the Abundance theme got lost somehow so I’m rebuilding it. I need to figure out 2 things.

    First, I need to add an image in the header, above the search bar with the company’s phone numbers. I imagine this will have to go in the header.php (or something like that) but I was hoping for the exact code.

    Here’s the original site with the phone numbers:

    Here’s the current site:

    The image with the phone numbers is 222 x 85 px if that helps.

    The other issue is the color of the Caption Slider. Again, you can see the original in the first link above, and the current in the second (or live at

    I can’t seem to find any options for the colors in the Theme Options. Any suggestions? Help with either or both of these issues would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!



    1.) Edit header.php, find this code:


    Above, use this code:

    echo '<div class="phone-number"><img src="IMAGE URL HERE"></div>';

    You can position the image using .phone-number on your custom.css or Quick CSS:

    .phone-number {
    position: absolute;
    top: 50px;
    right: 10px;

    2.) Use this:

    #top .caption_slider .caption_left.caption_left_framed .featured_caption, #top .caption_slider .caption_right.caption_right_framed .featured_caption {
    background: red;

    #top .caption_slider .caption_left.caption_left_framed h1, #top .caption_slider .caption_right.caption_right_framed h1 {
    background: red;




    Thanks a ton, Ishmael. Two quick questions.

    I put the phone numbers in the top right corner with the css but the search box is in the way (you can see here: Is there a way I can move the search box down?

    And as for the caption slider changes, where do I put that code? Quick CSS?



    1.) Use this on your Quick CSS field to move the search form:

    #header #searchform {
    top: 100px;

    2.) Yes, put that code on your custom.css or Quick CSS.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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