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    My Choices website is at

    1. I edited the header to bring the menu in line with the logo. I now have a white space between the bottom of the header and the slider – how can I get rid of the white space.

    2. I’ve positioned the menu using a left command but it ready should be align right but I can’t work out how to write that in the custom CSS. Can you help please?

    3. I’ve resized the slider thanks to another post (thank-you) but the caption and caption text is entering and then sliding down to nearly off the slider at the bottom – what should I include to stop that?

    Below is the content of my custom CSS box:

    .feedback_button {

    display: none;


    .partner_list .inner_column {

    border: none !important;


    #top .slideshow_container ul {

    margin: 0 auto;

    max-height: 297px !important;


    #header .container {

    min-height: 120px;

    z-index: 100;

    overflow: visible;

    background: none;

    height: 120px!important;


    #menu_container {

    height: 120px !important;

    min-height: 120px !important;


    .main_menu {

    top: -73px;

    left: 290px


    div .logo {

    padding: 0 0 0 0;

    min-height: 100px;

    margin-bottom: 0;

    margin-top: 15px;

    padding: 0;


    #searchform {

    display: none;


    .slideshow_container.slide_container_small .slideshow{

    height: 300px !important;


    Appreciate your help!



    Also – how do I remove the horizontal line between the logo/menu and the slider? Thanks.


    Hi Annette,

    For #1, add this code in your Quick CSS:

    body {
    position: relative;
    top: -29px !important;

    #header {
    top: 29px !important;

    For #2, I’m not sure if I followed you right, I think your menu link is centered. Do you want it to be aligned left or right?

    For #3, add this code in your Quick CSS:

    .slideshow_caption {
    top: -64px !important;

    Removing the horizontal line between the logo/menu and the slider:

    .container_wrap.header_color.light_bg_color {
    border-bottom: 0 !important;




    Thanks Ismael.

    Regarding #2 – aligned right please!



    Thanks, results so far:

    #1 – perfect, thanks!

    #2 – awaiting your reply re align right

    #3 – the first image/text come in left and right and hold steady; all text on other slides come in and then drops still (it’s now visible but the vertical movement is not wanted)

    #4 – perfect, thank you!




    More on #3 – in the mobile size version you can’t see the words to the slider at all.


    Hi Annette,

    For #2, try to add this code:

    .main_menu {
    left: 330px !important;

    For #3, let me tag Peter to check the issue. :)




    Re #3: You can try to reposition the text with following css code – add it to css/custom.css:

    right: 0px;
    top: 20px;

    Adjust the top/right value if required.

    Yes, the text is hidden in the mobile view – simply because there isn’t enough space to show it.

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