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    I’d like the sub-menu (rolldown menu) on the header adjusted so it left aligns with its mother menu. Also I’d like the sub-menu to be fixed higer towards the mother menu instead of on the lower border of the header container. Tried to find it with Firebug but couldn’t quite find it.

    Thanks, Ying-Fu




    Another question related to this. When a page from the main menu is selected underneath the selected menu page appears that line with a little point on it (an extended arrow). Where can I change that line? In itself it doesn’t bother me but it is too typical for Enfold when using the theme for more than one client.




    1) I’m not sure what you mean with “left align”. The standard dropdown is already left aligned. The mega menu will expand based on the number of columns and you can’t change the alignment easily.

    2) You can change the height of the link – insert following code into the quick css field and adjust the height value:

    #top .main_menu .menu li>a {
    height: 62px !important;

    3) You can hide this line with

    li:hover .avia-menu-fx, .current-menu-item>a>.avia-menu-fx, li:hover .current_page_item>a>.avia-menu-fx {
    display: none;



    With left align I mean that the dropdown menu aligns with the parent menu ‘name’ so another question then would be: how can get the parent menu names to align left?

    And I don’t really want to hide that line/extended arrow as much as I want to change it i.e. replace it with a custom line. Is that possible?



    Sorry for the delay with the weekend.

    1) The theme has 5 menus , two of which have only 1 menu on screen. So that leaves 3 menus which each have the main/submenu. Please clarify which one of the three you are talking about (found in Enfold > Theme Options > Headers

    a) Fixed Header with Social Icons and additional Navigation

    b) Non-fixed Header with Social Icons and additional Navigation

    c) Header with Social Icons and bottom Navigation


    This deals with the little point (called avia arrow) on the line that moves under the navigation items;





    .current-menu-item>a>.avia-menu-fx>.avia-arrow-wrap, .current_page_item>a>.avia-menu-fx>.avia-arrow-wrap {

    display: block;



    AVIA ARROW color


    .header_color .avia-menu-fx .avia-arrow{

    background-color: rgb(195, 81, 47);

    color: rgb(255, 255, 255);

    border-color: rgb(195, 81, 47);



    AVIA ARROW position


    .avia-menu-fx .avia-arrow-wrap .avia-arrow {

    top: 10px;



    AVIA ARROW size, more position shape


    .avia-arrow {

    height: 10px;

    width: 10px;

    position: absolute;

    top: -6px;

    left: 50%;

    margin-left: -5px;

    -webkit-transform: rotate(45deg);

    -moz-transform: rotate(45deg);

    transform: rotate(45deg);

    border-width: 1px;

    border-style: solid;

    visibility: hidden;



    AVIA Under Menu Floater – color


    .header_color .avia-menu-fx{

    background-color: rgb(47, 83, 195);

    color: rgb(170, 106, 70);

    border-color: rgb(47, 53, 195);





    The header I use is Fixed Header with Social Icons and additional Navigation



    You can do quite a lot of stuff to that line .. Add this css to your custom.css file http://www.kriesi.at/support/topic/ (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -issue#post-112059 and you see what I mean about that bar below the menu, This code also gives you a blueprint for customizing the menu itself and all its parts including aligning everything. i believe that the code already puts everything right where it needs to be.



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