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    Hey guys,

    I’m using Enfold on an customer’s page, such a great thing!

    But there are some problems with the Advanced Layerslider.

    I’ ve created 4 slides containing image and text elements with several styles, options, links and attributes.

    At slide 4 only a few settings can be made, then the slider will disappear and with it the entire landing page, where it is placed.

    Removing some settings and the slider is back…

    Is it a known problem, what can I do? (php memory is raised up to 256mb already – should be enough)

    Thanks a lot!


    Hi oRp77,

    I don’t know of any specific limitation right now no. Is the site and slider live where we can take a look at it?




    Hi Devin,

    yes it is: http://trianon-wpg.de.

    On slide #4 I used images instead of text so there’s no need to type in all words into the slider.

    A few characters or settings more and the slider will crash.




    Can you give us a link with the slider crashing? You can create a test page then duplicate the slider and add it on the page.





    here’s a test page with a crashing slider copy:


    Thank you.


    The page with the demo doesn’t appear to have any layerslider loaded in at all. Is the layerslider acutally added to that page layout?


    Yes it is. Exactly that is the problem. When there’re defined too many options, texts or other the slider is not shown any longer, also all the other page contents between header and footer. When I delete some of the settings (options, texts, …) slider appears again.



    I’m not sure what is wrong with your 4th slide. Can you remake it?

    I added 6 slides on my end but the slider is not crashing. This is the screenshot.


    Let me tag Kriesi.




    Hi Ismael,

    ok it’s a system specific problem. I mirrored the site to my dev server – no problems there. Strange. Do you have any idea?

    Thank you.



    You should probably deactivate some of your plugins, see if the problem persist. Create a duplicate of the Slide, then recreate the 4th slide from scratch.

    OR go to your cpanel > phpmyadmin. Edit wp_layerslider table, delete the slide from there then start from scratch.

    We haven’t really tested the Slider so maybe it has something to do with the combination of Avia Elements. Remove some elements, see if the slider starts working bring the element back then remove another element.




    Hi Ismael,

    ok, I’ll try this next days and give feedback here,

    Anyway wondering about that there’re no problems with an exact copy on the other system…

    Thank you.



    It’s never an ‘exact copy’ since each server has its own quirks. Check wordpress memory allocation on the server. Reinstall wordpress and the theme and wipe out the database. Sometimes a bad install can cause thing like this as well as low wordpress memory (96-128megs should be good).




    Hey oRp77!

    any news on this? Did the suggestions help?





    a duplicate of the slider isn’t work I tried. Next step is clearing database tables from slider data and recreate. I’m on but having a high workload this days…

    @nick: WordPress memory is not the problem, 256mb are granted. The dev system (mirrored ftp and database data) shows the slider correctly with only 64mb. A complete reinstall of wordpress, theme and modules is last choice only when there’s no other way left to check.

    Thank you guys.




    If you can’t ask client to change/update host, the only solutions I can think of would be to either host the slider elsewhere and bring it in using iframes, to remove the 4th slider, or to limit the load in sliders 1-3 so enough ‘juice’ is left for the fourth. Is the clients setup outdated? have you checked what’s in their php.ini? is it Apache? One thing I noticed, is the host is excruciatingly slow for me, like a sleepy turtle on valium.




    Hi Nick,

    you’re right, it’s very slow, a sleey turtle is a rocket – feels like site is being attacked from something. It’s being checked right now by the support. Waiting for what they say.

    Php.ini should be ok. It’s a managed hosting so I can’t give specific details.

    Thank you.



    With managed hosting I am always suspicious about the real memory allocation. In my experience too many places oversell with a 3.99/month hosting promotion that for some reason new clients always fall in love with and then wonder where the bandwidth is when they share the same ip/box with a few thousand like minded bargain hunters.




    Hi Nick,

    yes that’s right. Unfortunately I’ve got no influence on.

    Since yesterday we analyzed the problem which caused the slow down. After hours of searching it was a plugin problem lastly.

    Client upgraded it’s managed hosting to a bigger one anyway – better then nothing.

    Anyway let’s get back to fixing the slider. I’ll report back.

    Thank you.


    Hi @all,

    the slider problem was caused by the plugin also. Hands off: ‘WP Maintenance Mode‘.

    Thank you all for your help guys.

    Best regards.



    Glad it is finally fixed.



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