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    Hi there,

    Please can you advise me on a theme that would work for a couple of sites I am developing? I have used Avisio, and love the dashboard and user experience.

    One site is a photography/education site, Jungle Photos: http://www.junglephotos.com The main part of the site is hard coded HTML (e.g., http://www.junglephotos.com/amazon) but I want to convert this to WordPress, since the home page is currently run by WP. I like Flashlight, but I am not sure if it is the best Kriesi theme for this site. Do you have another theme that would work?

    The other site is my book’s site: http://www.amazontravelbook.com I am just getting started with this. I want to have social up front and center, since the idea is to promote the book, but I don’t need a shopping cart, just a theme that would showcase the book with me as the author, with occasional blog posts. I’d appreciate any suggestions!



    Flashlight is the first “real” Photography template Kriesi released. I think it’s the best way to present photos & galleries – especially with the fullscreen gallery mode. Expose is another gallery template but a bit outdated compared to Flashlight.

    2) I’d recommend Vedlvet or Corona for your “book’s site”. Maybe Coalition if you’d like to use an one page portfolio.


    Cool, thanks for the thoughts. Just curious if I could tweak Flashlight so that the full-size image could link to an info page. On my existing site, the user clicks the photo to access a text page with information about the topic. So a photo of a parrot links to a page with information on parrots. Can I do this in Flashlight or could you guys help me tweak it?


    As far as I know Flashlight doesn’t support background links (or links for the fullwidth gallery). I can ask Kriesi to look into it but I can’t make any promises…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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