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    When I use a heading custom font, my “hover zone” is too large (see there

    How can I reduce it?




    I just checked your site and it seems you’ve hidden the menu. Can you put it back up so we can check what the issue is? This will allow us to provide specific instructions.





    Yes of course, it’s done!



    No idea?



    I investigated the website and the problem is caused by the canvas elements which are used to display the custom font (cufon replaces the standard font with canvas elements which “simulate” the designer font). The problem is that we can’t do change this behaviour (this would require a cufon code rewrite). You can try to decrease the cufon font size scaling value by adjusting the code in flashlightincludesadminregister-admin-options.php. At tthe moment it’s set to 1.3.

    Probably this will change the link height + width and the canvas elements won’t exceed the menu area anymore.


    Thanks for your reply.

    Not really working because when I change the font size scaling, my font size is decreasing, so I need to increase in custom.css and I’m going back at the same point.

    f you have another idea don’t hesitate!



    Nothing more?

    Thanks for your help.



    I don’t know another solution. I’m sorry. The canvas element size depends on the font size. If you don’t want to change the font size the canvas elements will exceed the menu area.

    Best regards,



    OK thanks for your help.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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