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    Hi All. Last night I installed this theme – and love it. This morning, I come down and all content from my site has gone. All media, pages, posts. Two years worth. Gone. I am trying hard not to panic. The only thing I changed yesterday was the theme.

    Can anyone help.

    As for backups. I dont think I have one! Just waiting for my ISP to confirm if they do.



    Should have said, link it here: – as you can see, it’s showing them articles, but if you click on them. Cant see anything in the back end at all.



    maybe you need to flush the permalinks. Go to Settings > Permalinks and click the “Save” button. Then reload the petmalinks settings page again. This forces wordpress to rewrite the htaccess file and to adjust the permalink settings.


    Thanks for such a prompt reply. Not worked unfortunately …. any other ideas?


    I think the problem is in the backend there are no posts etc…….. that scares me.


    Mm.. sounds like a db error now because our theme doesn’t hack into the backend (posts overview, etc.). Maybe you can use the db repair tools myphpadmin/cpanel offers? Very important! – make a backup first!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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