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    Hello friends…

    Everything was ok at first .. I have build my web site.. Pictures were all there …

    I put a css code which I got from this support forum. I also did before in the turkish verison of this page and it worked welll

    releated threads are here ; (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -css-help

    Suddently all images are gone… Dont know what happened ?

    I am able to upload new pictures but the old links are all down. And it will be really hard to upload around 200 pictures all over.

    I need help please…

    Edit: I have replaced all changed files, changed the chmod of folders to 777 but nothing happened .. .


    The images can’t be found on your server: When I try to open an image link like:

    I get an 404 error – page/image not found. Check your uploads directory – i.e. wp-content/uploads/2010/08 – it is missing or can’t be accessed because of various reasons.. Maybe you deleted it via ftp or someone else deleted the directory. Maybe your host messed something up. I’m pretty sure that the template/theme itself didn’t cause the problem.

    The Dude



    Your logo is collapsing the menu height a fraction. Try renaming it just to logo.png – for some reason this seemed to fix my issue.


    Hello guys for now I the problem is ok … I have uploaded some pictures again and its done.. But Im still scared .. Beacuse I dont know the reason …

    And batesy … my all thumbnails in my image library are also downs … none is seemed… but thanks that the product pictures are still there…

    So I think this is more than a logo issiue …

    If u have a solution or an idea to offer I will be listening …



    I can see you have quite a few images uploaded ( If images are missing, you should talk to you host to get a copy of the logs and find out if someone else deleted them or there was an error. As a precaution, change all you passwords.

    You should always keep a local backup of all the WordPress files (including theme files, media etc) as well as your DataBase – if you don’t have a backup solution already set up you should consider doing this.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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