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    The website in question is

    Take this page:

    This image is supposed to show in the main band below the navigation:×304.jpg

    I can see the image is called when I view the page source. The image serves fine on its own. It just doesn’t serve in the page itself.

    And ditto for every image on the site excepting those in widgets.

    I wondered if the WordPress database had ‘lost’ the images, so used the plugin Add To Server to make sure WordPress had all images registered in its media library. No effect.

    I updated the .htaccess recently with Bulletproof Security so perhaps that caused the problem at the time without my noticing?

    Any and all ideas gratefully received.



    this seems like a js conflict. The menu animation doesn’t work too (requires javacript). Try to deactivate all plugins – maybe one causes a conflict with the latest jquery version.


    Thanks Dude. I see what you mean. I’ve deactivated my six plugins but it made no difference. FYI, the plugins are:

    Advanced iframe

    Bulletproof security

    Duplicate widget

    JSL3 Facebook Wall Feed

    PC Robots.txt

    Really Simple Breadcrumb

    Is there anything else that could cause a js conflict do you know?


    It seems the image styling is obeying this javascript:

    .js_active .slideshow_container img {

    visibility: hidden;


    Where this js came from in recent days I don’t know. Nor how to fix it.


    I think I found the cause – following line:

    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

    loads jquery a second time. Our theme doesn’t load it so it must be a custom mod or plugin. Please remove this line.


    Thanks! I’m savvy with HTML and CSS, but javascript considerably less so.

    To the layman, this line looks like it loads a script in the theme’s folder. But you’re saying this isn’t undertaken at the theme’s behest, so something else must be doing so.

    If I’ve already disabled by plugins one by one to no effect, how should I remove this line exactly?

    Thanks again for your help here. Much appreciated.


    Right then. Not feeling any nearer, although I feel like I’m learning!

    Can I ask, does this have anything to do with it?.. When I go to Appearance > Themes, I see this at the bottom of the page:


    Broken Themes

    The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.




    Stylesheet is missing.


    Not sure how the stylesheet can be missing when everything (except the content images) are styled just fine. Any ideas? Do you think this is related to the problem I have here?


    Just gone into Appearance > Editor and found the Broadscope style sheet starting:


    Theme Name: Broadscope

    Description: A sleek Business Theme by Kriesi
    Update notifications available on twitter and facebook:
    Follow me on twitter
    Join the Facebook Group

    Version: 1.1.2

    Author: Kriesi

    Author URI:


    So why am I told the stylesheet is missing? Aghh!


    Thanks Dude. You pointed me in exactly the right direction, and that’s now sorted. Star.

    But I still get this “Stylesheet is missing” report on the Themes page. Hmm.


    And I’ve now noticed that tabbed content is broken. Check out:

    Oh dear me!

    Perhaps I should reload the theme or something? Or perhaps just the javascript?

    What do you think?


    Hi Psheldrake,

    Give that a try. Re-uploading shouldn’t cause any conflicts or mess with the settings you have in place now.

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