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    I have upgraded to WordPress 3.5.2 and since I did that none of my portfolio items are working anymore, they all report a 404 error: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -grinds-lot-data/

    Do you know how this is possible and how I can fix it?

    Update: I have installed a back-up to return to a previous edition of WordPress and now it all works correctly again.




    Hi Mark,

    I’m glad its working for you now but there should be no reason the update should cause that to happen. On my live install there was no issue with the update and portfolios and i’ve not heard of anything like that from anyone else at the moment.

    If possible, updating is strongly suggested since 3.5.2 was only a security update to prevent issues with the wordpress installation as a whole.




    Same problem here on 2 installations.

    Since upgrading to 3.5.2, the portfolio slug item does not work and my visitors have a 404 error.

    If I change the slug to “toto” for example :

    – I load a portfolio item with http://xxx/toto/myitem and it works

    – I reload the page, and it does not work anymore

    I deactivate the forum plugin BBPress and then reactivate.

    Since this modification, it works again !


    Hi potsky,

    So are you saying it works after deactivating bbPress? It may just be a case of refreshing your permalinks which can be done by changing them and then re-saving to what you had before.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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