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    Hi my previous topic has been close so I can’t add anything.

    Anyway, In case you get any other questions on this subject I just wanted to add that the problem was with using your background images. The problem occurs if you repeat or tile the image. If you stretch or just don’t use it then the site displays fine.

    If you want to see the problem for yourselves so you can work a fix, then email me or go to http://julianmegson.com and use the contact page and I will temporarily break the site again for you.

    I went in to a phone shop and tested it on new phones on display. It only seems to affect the new Samsung Galaxy S3.

    Cheers, Julian



    Thanks for the heads up. We will tag Kriesi to check this out. :)




    hey! would you mind telling me which browser you were using?

    I only got a nexus 7, so cant test it on an S3 but it runs the latest software and win chrome/ff on nexus the site looks fine…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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