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    Page in question: http://www.capitalworks.net/private-equity-families-2/

    I went into the theme options and added a page-specific sidebar for this page. However, the page is displaying both the default sidebar and the page-specific sidebar (the widget area looks like http://puu.sh/3jwhj/aa5bd819e3.png – I want only the “testing” text widget to display on the sidebar). How do I disable the default sidebar for the page and still have the custom one display?

    I don’t know if this is related or not, but if I set the dynamic template for that page to “fullwidth”, the sidebars don’t go away. “Left sidebar” and “right sidebar” work as they should, but fullwidth displays the same as the right sidebar layout.



    On Theme Options > And where do you want to display the Blog?, did you set this page as your blog?




    No. This page is sort of a secondary blog – it only displays posts from one category. The main blog page is elsewhere.



    Your best bet is to install http://wordpress.org/plugins/content-aware-sidebars/ this plugin which will create sidebars that you can specifically target much better and control .

    Use the sidebars created by this plugin entirely instead of wordpress sidebars.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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