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    For a portfolio item, is it possible to display ALL of the “Related Entries” below, rather than just 4 of them (in my example).

    Example Portfolio Item:

    The “landing page” it comes from (has 11 ‘items’):

    I would like to have the remaining 10 “Related Entries” displayed (in this instance). [There are other ‘items’ that may have more, as we continue to develop the site].





    You mean you want order all related entries from 1 to last ?

    You can try increasing the number of total items shown. There is a setting for portfolio in the custom templates that lets you select the total number of portfolio items shown. One of the options is ‘Áll’, please try that.





    The number of the “portfolio items” in the dynamic template ‘controls’ the number displayed on this page:

    We want to have all of these ‘items’ (less the one displayed—which would be 10, in this instance) displayed below the item picture listed under the “Related Entries” title (which is only showing 4 of then possible 10 available):

    [ Note: Tried the “All” in the dynamic template for the number of portfolio items to be displayed, and it didn’t change the number of items shown under the “related Entries” title].




    Ok. Please open up /includes/related-portfolio-posts.php

    First take a look how you like this look, I wasn’t even aware of this capability of showing the related posts as a slider so that the page doesn’t become too busy

    a) Please change line 13 which looks like

    $postcount = ($columns * 1);

    to look like

    $postcount = ($columns * 3);





    Yep, that’s what we needed! Thanks for your efforts!


    Topic closed.


    Hi Mark,

    Glad that Nick helped you. I’ve marked this thread as resolved.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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