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    I just ask me something.

    I am going to megrate my website to new website

    See the old et the new beautifull land page created with angular.

    My question

    Land page of is very well referenced in strategic key words

    Land page of, which will becomme after migartion, will be as well referenced ?

    I wand to recuperate all my refrenced place, but like there are very few words dispatched on each portfolio, i ask me if this will be good or not to be well referenced.

    If not I will replace this very beautifull land page by land page text. It is less beautifull, but perhaps better to SEO.

    What are your advices ?

    Best regards,



    I try to simplify my question.

    In angular like you can see to, the land page uses dynamic frontpage template which manage 4 portfolio ;

    coaching personnel, coaching dirigeant, …

    This will it be as well referenced that the land page off http// ?

    Or what can I do to introduce H1, H2, TITTLE in this dynamic frontpage that seam not possible to modify easily.



    I’m a bit confused about your inquiry but rest assured that the theme is SEO friendly. Let me tag the rest of the support team to help you.




    Maybe this will shed some light Agirjuste :)



    You must be using a French/English translator to write this. No problem.

    In your old website, the segment from ‘Coaching professionnel et personnel novateur, créatif et humain !’ on the top, all the way down to ‘Objectifs et résolutions’ on the bottom, would be your content, and most of your h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 tags are located there. So you would just paste that entire block of your old code into the page you designate as your home page.

    You need to create a custom template and attach the template to a page that you designate as your homepage. In the template you can add component blog + component columns where you have your verbiage (paragraphs). The SEO plugin by Yoast will allow you to add titles, meta description on a per page, per category etc…

    Please install this free SEO plugin

    Please watch these videos I made about Angular to get you more familiarized: —how to make a custom homepage with a blog + slider using custom templates (you can use this to add other parts as well)




    I’ll watch it this weekend and will keep you current.

    Thank you for this answer despite my broken English.

    This is indeed a translator it gets better


    Hello Nick,

    I could not resist to make some quick tests, because I think migrating the site this weekend.

    Firstly, small detail, the third link is broken.

    Otherwise, I have arranged the css of the title and content of articles in the field custom styling for this purpose in styling

    By cons it has no effect on the “heading and subtitle” of the custom template.

    This has no effect either on the title pages.

    Eg articles title is red because my h1 custom request, but it has no effect on the title of the page, that is to say of the h1 page.

    In summary, I can also edit the CSS for the pages and the custum template?

    How please?




    I made this video just for you with no sound to answer the 3 questions: SEO, CSS modification, Where to Save CSS.

    You should watch it full screen and pause to see what is done.




    Thank you Nick




    Hi agirjuste,

    Glad that Nick helped you. :)



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