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    On my homepage the slideshow of featured images stops working after displaying the second image. It just freezes, clicking does not work. I update the theme from 1.4 tot 1.6 but that did not help. It might has to do with the latest WP 3.6 update from 1 aug.

    The same problem occurs on my portfolio pages … like

    Please advise.

    Tjerk Zweers


    Same issue here, after updating WP to 3.6..:-(

    Please fix!



    This guide helped me.


    Hi All,

    Until we release theme updates none of Kriesi’s themes are updated for 3.6 right now. Its best to do as paullindqvist mentioned and downgrade to 3.5.2.




    Downgrade worked perfectly. Pics sliding just fine.

    Out of curiosity, could you explain a bit about what causes this error?


    Hi tlow87,

    Nothing to do with css but with the 3.6 update the jquery versions were changed that WordPress core has so theme code had to be updated to use it correctly.

    It looks like just about all themes have had there updates pushed to Themeforest now so updating should fix issues.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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