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    PLEASE HELP US. WE MUST LAUNCH and we haven’t been getting official answers for days.

    PROBLEM: The portfolio slider STOPS PLAYING when a bullet or arrow is clicked and when a thumb set to link nowhere is clicked ir tapped on mobile. How do we set it to auto-resume / continue after mouse event like every other slider in the world? Other posts on this topic reference files and code that don’t exist in Angular.


    Hey! Unfortunately this is intended behavior and hard to change, due to the javascript file being miniefed because of performance reasons.

    As soons as a user interacts with the slider he ususally does not want it to slide again, but be able to read/view the current slide as loong as he likes, thats the reason we built it this way.

    you can remove the slider pausing function by openening hte aviapoly.js file in your themes JS folder and search for the following string


    then remove exactly that string and save the file

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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