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    Hi Everybody,

    I am just wondering since we are all using the same theme, does anybody want to form a group to work together on features etc.. ?

    Maybe we can add each other on Skype/ ICQ- MSN chat whatever. So we can give each other live support. Anybody feel free to add me on Skype the username is webgurl2 or MSN (Email address hidden if logged out)



    Hi Earlybird

    I like the idea of a abundance user´s help group…but why we don´t use this forum?

    I guess it´ll be more useful for all users.

    What you think?



    hi we do still use this forum, but it it could be also more efficient having direct IM’ contacts. Like yesterday for example somebody from this forum contact me direct via Skype and he helped me figure the problem on my site and add a feature within 2 minutes. Here on this forum you have to WAIT for answers and you can help each other out on certain things that maybe you figured out or I figured out easily and faster… make sense?



    It’s a great Idea……! :) I’m interested in forming the group.

    Add me Skype id : naresh.ramini.


    hi Earlybird.

    I’ve added you……! :)



    Like that kind of colaboration! nice ;)



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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