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    Hi guys,

    Just wondering the easiest way to go about changing the global archive template to display 3 posts and no sidebar would be?




    it would require some mods to change the structure to a three column layout but I can show you how to limit the number of items. In includes/loop-archive.php replace:

    </div><!--end post-entry-->


    </div><!--end post-entry-->
    if($smallcounter == 2){ break; }


    Alright, so I have removed they sidebar by changing the div class archive template to a full page width template in the archives.php file

    <div class=’template-fullwidth content’>

    and then removing


    if(empty($avia_config)) $avia_config = “blog”;

    //get the sidebar



    Now I am just trying to get the 3 column break instead of two. I’m feeling like this needs to me modified. in the loop-archive.php file.

    $alternate = $smallcounter % 2 == 0 ? ‘even’ : ‘odd’;



    Try to replace:

    $alternate = $smallcounter % 2 == 0 ? 'even' : 'odd';


    $alternate = $smallcounter % 3 == 0 ? 'even' : 'odd';


    >.< Yea I tried that.




    Try to add following code to css/custom.css and also make the modification above.

    .archive .half_post_odd {
    clear: none;

    In archive.php replace:



    container template-fullwidth


    template-blog content


    template-blog content template-fullwidth


    So that worked, it now spans three archive previews, however, the spacing in between the posts gets all messed up. Some get clumped together, some end up on a row of their own. It’s not even spacing like in the two archive preview per a row. :/

    Thanks :)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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