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    Firstly, I know that you don’t support audio portfolio items in Eunoia.

    However, I still working to create them by simply creating an image post with audio embedded in the content using the WordPress audio shortcode. It works great for what I want it to accomplish, except for one issue: When exiting the AJAX overlay, the playback is not stopped, like when you exit a video portfolio item. This leads to multiple tracks play over each other as you continue browsing the portfolio.

    I’d love it if you know and could explain an easy way to send some sort of “pause” command to all audio content on exit. If not, if you could point me to the file or means by which you activate the stop on the video playback, I’m hoping I can figure this out myself.

    …in fact, any input you can provide would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks for your time.



    The function that executes when the user closes an item is located in js/avia.js, starts in line 563 and ends in line 590.

    hide_overlay: function(){ ... }

    Inside that you could put something like this




    Thanks so much Josue!

    I got it to work. For those who might try to do this in the future, the code I used was:

    jQuery.each(jQuery(‘audio’), function () {

    Just put this at the end of the “hide_overlay” section and, if you are using html5 audio playback such as the WordPress Audio Shortcode embed (Google it in WordPress’ codex), it should work. At least it did for me.

    Thanks again!

    J Alden Driskell


    Glad it worked for you Alden.

    Best regards,


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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