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    Hello everyone,

    New to making websites but have been enjoying learning how to make my site on Flashlight over the past few weeks. I am trying to figure how I can add a simple audio player to my sidebar (somewhere at the bottom). I would really appreciate if someone could help me with this! Thank you.


    I’d search the plugin database here: – eg this plugin: seems to be very popular. Personally I can’t recommend a plugin because I haven’t used a mp3player for my projects yet.


    Thanks for your reply Dude. I actually did come across this audio player, along with a few others, but do you know where I would insert the script so that it creates the audio player in the menu bar? So far, all I can do is copy and paste the script into a given page (in the content box) and it shows up under content. I am trying to add it to the menu bar so that it is not page dependent but comes up with the main menu bar at the bottom. Still stuck on this one, would really appreciate if I could get some help, thank you!


    Add it to the widget area for the sidebar you want to add it to.


    Hi vramjee,

    To add to menu bar you would have to edit the template file sidebar.php after this code:

    $menu = wp_nav_menu($args);
    echo "</div>";

    then possibly add some CSS to custom.css or Quick CSS. Depending on what code you need to add to the template file you would place the audio player code after </DIV>.

    The easiest method though would be to do as fitzpatrick51 suggested and use a widget.




    I use use a plugin called Tierra Audio with Autoresume, and it is great! As the user goes from page to page, it continues the music from the same point in the song. Look at to see an example.

    I hope this helps!


    Thanks for another suggestion :)


    Thanks for your suggestions. Interdisciplinary – thanks a ton for your suggestion. I have installed this widget and made the playlist. It works but how did you modify the player to have a more narrow understated look as it does on your website I really would like make it look more like this rather than the default large look it has. Please let me know appreciate your help!!


    The wonderful moderators here helped to give me some CSS tips to make it happen.

    First, I used a different skin. I can’t remember if I downloaded it or if it came with the plugin. But if you go to their website, you can download an alternate skin (or you can find other ones on the web). I unzipped the slim player, and placed it into the swf directory. In the widget options for the plugin, l specified the location of the player.


    Then I made some changes to the size. Here are the dimensions that I used:

    “width” => “220”

    “height” => “40”

    You might have to make a few modifications on the size of the menu so that the player is placed exactly where you want it to be.

    I hope this helps!


    Thanks for all the great help Interdisciplinary!




    Thanks so much for all of your help, it works!

    One last question for you all – you know how I have to specify the playlist name, is there any way for that not to show above my player? In other words, I just want the player to be there on its own without the playlist name hanging above it as well. Appreciate your help!


    Hi vramjee,

    You might be able to target it with some css and do a display:none. It just depends on if the plugin outputs the playlist name in its own class/div or span of some sort.



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