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    Hello, just purchased Avia a couple days ago and am having issues with it… two at the moment:

    1) When I click Add Entry, the little spinner appears and spins forever despite the entry being added already. I can refresh the page and see that it has been entered, but the spinner will just sit there forever if I don’t leave the page or refresh.

    2) When entries are added, the text of each entry is appearing at the top of the page and the different voting areas appear below them all. See here:

    This plugin is an essential component of my new site so I really want to get it working smoothly right away. Thanks!



    I don’t know if this is relevant but I just tried using the shortcode [avia_feedback_box] in my page content instead of setting the default page in settings, and the shortcode merely prints to the screen but does nothing.



    OK strike this, traced the second part of this problem down to a small bit of custom code that was breaking several things related to the_content().

    Still have the spinning thing forever until I reload the page…




    can you post a link to your website please – maybe it’s a js problem.


    The site is not public yet and I don’t want to post a link to it here. I have sent you the information via your contact form.




    Ok – you sent your login details directly to Kriesi. I’m sure he’ll answer your request soon.


    Ah I didn’t realize you weren’t he. I haven’t heard anything back yet, is there a way I can send the information direct to you? There doesn’t seem to be a private message system on this forum.





    There isn’t a helpdesk / private forum function on this site at the moment.

    If you’ve sent a message directly to Kriesi I’m pretty sure he’ll get back to you as soon as he’s had a look into the problem.



    Well it’s been 2 weeks and I haven’t heard anything at all. My feedback system still spins forever on submission, although the feedback IS submitted.

    I really would like some help with this and am feeling pretty much abandoned here. =(




    I have a new much more serious issue with this plugin now. When I click on “Newest”, it’s actually pulling in a page from my blog rather than showing the newest feedback requests. I have no idea why but I can’t use this in this state. Can someone please contact the developer and get him to get involved here?




    OK this most recent issue turned out to be a conflict with another plugin. However I still have the original problem of the plugin just spinning forever when added new items.



    Have you tried deactivating all plugins – maybe another plugin conflicts with Avia Feedback too. Try deactivating all and activate them one by one. When the new items feature doesn’t work (correctly) anymore you’ve found the conflict.


    I have already tried it as the sole plugin installed (other than the bbPress plugin which can’t be disabled or my site will not even display). No change at all.



    I got someone else to fix it… haven’t gotten the report on what they did yet but I know it involved editing some Javascript.

    Thanks anyway…



    Glad that your programmer found a solution. If you could provide some information what he changed we can look into the problem and fix the bug for everyone or we can increase compatibility.


    Hi there… I am having the same problem – When the Submit button is pressed you get the spinning circle that never ends… I tried it in Chrome and Firefox for the Mac, and I.E. and FireFox for Windows… Must be a bug with Ajax / JS that came in with WP 3.1

    VanClute – Can you perhaps email me a zip of the fixed version of your plugin? and / or, can the support staff here come up with a solution, QUICK!

    Thanks, guys… I look forward to using what appears to be a great plugin!



    Hmm… did some more research and I think there is a conflict with the Wishlist member plugin… I’ve contacted the developers over there as well…


    Can you post a link to your website please – maybe it’s a js conflict.


    @vanclute Could you please post the solution? Having the same problem here. Thanks.


    So I experimented a bit and I fixed the eternally spinning wheel in all browsers I tried so far. Now I even see the confirmation message!

    In feedbackbox.js, line 191, I replaced

    datastring = "ajax=true&action=""&id="+id;


    datastring = "ajax=true&action=""&id="+id,
    context =;

    and in line 210

    if( == 'submitFeedback')

    is replaced by

    if(context == 'submitFeedback')

    I cannot exactly tell why is that, but it works now. ;-)


    Thanks for posting this solution – I’ll forward it to Kriesi.


    I have this same problem, but this fix didn’t work for some reason! I’ve tried finding js conflicts and plugin conflicts, and there appear to be none. Is there a new version of the plugin by any chance? Mine is about 6 months old…


    I’m not aware of a new update. Have you tried deactivating the plugins one by one – very like one causes a conflict.


    Yeah, nothing’s worked. No conflicts.

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