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    I’m using the slider with the .featured nested divs, which is working fine. However, I want to have an image on the right and have some text on the left. I’m currently using a local wordpress installation so I can’t show you code (its not on the web yet) but heres an image of the layout http://www.telrepco.com/telrepco-layout-small-nav.jpg You can see the way that the slider is being design in the header.

    The problem is that the image on the right doesn’t take up the whole slider area, so the transition is weird. The blocks are made correctly but they are all copies of the one image, then once the transition is over, everything goes back to being displayed properly.

    Is there any way for the blocks to be created of the whole div rather than just the image?



    The block can only be created from the image unless you re-code the slider :(

    Can you post the site URL (if available) – I’ll take a look at the transition?



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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