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    I have used the Aviaslider (the one with the 3 preview boxes on the right)… and I have noticed that if you leave that page running (using the absolute latest version of Safari… updated today), it starts to drain the memory on my computer. Within a few minutes, the computer actually stalls (eats up to 3GB of available RAM).

    I swithed it to the Accordian Avia slider and I do not have the issue at all??.

    I can email you the website if needed for testing.


    Did you monitor which task eat up the ram? I tried to reproduce it on Win7 but Firefox, Chrome & Safari used constantly 400mb (however I have more tabs open & I use many dev addons so it should be better for “clean” installations).


    Yes… Safari 107.6MB / Safari Web Content 2.21GB after 3 minutes being open. No other windows or tabs open. ALso have the problem in Chrome, but not to this extent. Only applies to the Avia Slider… Avia Accordian does not have this issue???


    I can email you the site if you would like to view it yourself and see what I mean.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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