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    This is not exactly a support request as much as it is feedback. I consider myself fairly web competent, and run a number of websites. I deal with plenty of CSS, HTML, Jquery, etc.

    That being said, I found your AviaSlider documentation completely, ridiculously frustrating. It took me over two hours to implement the code, and I was only able to do so after scouring these forums, reviewing every different example and many other people’s problems to see exactly how the code was being implemented. I can see that I’m not alone, on the basis of the other support threads for this script.

    You could save a great deal of heartache and frustration if the documentation for this script was CLEARER and walked the user STEP-BY-STEP through implementation with ALL the steps. About 1/2 the process of implementing the code is not detailed in the documentation at all!

    Instead of focusing so much on all the wonderful options, the basic implementation should be at the TOP of the documentation file, i.e.–

    1. Copy this CSS into your CSS file or link to it in your header…

    2. Copy the following into your header to call the scripts…

    3. Upload these files into these directories…

    4. Use the following HTML where you want the slider to go…

    THEN you can talk about all the great options and how to begin making changes.

    For the sake of everyone that comes after me: PLEASE FIX THE DOCUMENTATION! You have a beautiful script, but my experience was incredibly soured by this, and until I hear that you’ve improved your documentation, I’m leery of using any of your other products available on the Envato Marketplace.



    Thank you for your feedback. I tagged this thread for Kriesi’s attention. I agree – the documentation isn’t extensive or very helpful and some improvements would help the user and the support staff a lot.

    Best regards,


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