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    Hello everyone,

    I am just beginning on WP and I purchasse the Avisio Theme for my website.

    I use a WP 3.0.5 – I am not sure (after reading some topic on Internet) than Avisio is supported by WP 3.5 or more.

    Like you can see on website : http://www.montgolfiere-belgique.be the slide frame still white and ..; nothing happen :(

    What have I mist on this slider ?

    Need a plugin ?

    I don’t find where i can upload the good pictures… Slide Entries is just to change text, link, … but no picture…

    I tryed to sticky picture to the slide entries… no success…

    I am sure it is a stupid step to do.

    Thanks for your help on my problem.



    I read on page 45 on this support forum than a guy has same problem than me… he just need to upload the js files again, I do it but not result…

    I hope someone can help me solve this little problem, it would be a shame to throw $ 47 in the trash for a slide …

    Have a nice day ;-)



    I find the solution by myself…

    Pour ceux qui se pose la question, il faut aller dans Slider entries et “mettre une image à la une”, chez moi il n’y en avait pas (une erreur de chargement du dummies data fort probablement). pour trouver ce bug j’ai du réinstaller le theme sur un autre serveur et comparer les options de thème.

    sans être méchant mais en disant ce que je pense : ce forum et ses admin se foutent bien de savoir si vous avez un blème ou non… ils ne prennent pas la peine de vous aider, sauf si votre problème chatouille leur égo… pourtant ce theme a encore du potentiel financier…

    pour un theme payant, le service après-vente est peu fiable… chance que le forum est accessible sans être inscrit et peut être utile à s’en sortir tout seul.


    Hi Benoit,

    I’m glad you were able to find a solution.

    Just a quick comment regarding the support forums. We typically have a max response time of 24 hours except on weekends. We answer 60+ topics a day and our queue goes by oldest post first. So had you not been able to find an answer earlier, I would have responded this morning.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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