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    Ok my problem is updating to Avisio 1.2.1b

    i have deleted the 1.2.1 theme entirely through wp dashboard and my cpanel and followed methods to download new file on a few threads here.

    i must be missing something because when i download the Avisio theme again through themeforest i still get version 1.2.1

    i checked the css file everytime to see wich version its using and always says using version 1.2.1

    Any clues as to where im going wrong would be gratefully recieved



    The version number in style.css is still 1.2.1 because Kriesi just removed the timthumb.php file and afaik he didn’t update/modify the theme files. Thus 1.2.1b is just a minor release which does not include avisioframeworkincludestimthumb.php (because of security reasons).


    Thanks for your response


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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