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    Corona Theme Options:

    Background Image UPLOAD

    1. Click UPLOAD

    2. Browse to File

    3. Select File

    4. Click Open

    5. Click Upload

    6. Save All Changes

    7. Close Image POPUP

    Takes me back to Corona Theme Options

    Image Isn’t in the Background Image input box

    How do I get the image to show up in the Background Image input box so I can apply a background image?

    I tried putting the path to the image there, but I get the red X

    I tried uploading it from a URL, From My Computer, From Gallery, From Media Library

    Nothing allows me to enter a background image?

    The path to the file always shows up WRONG


    There is no folder /uploads/2011/10/ ?

    When I put the correct path in it removes it or shows the red X


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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