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    I set a “Default Background Image Gallery” with a gradient png file

    Chrome,FF and IE9 are works fine!

    except IE8….is any way I can fix this problem??

    thanks for patient!!



    Hi Snotky,

    Do you have a live version of the site online I can take a look at?




    Hey Devin,

    I’m experiencing the same problem here!!also it does NOT work on IE7 as well

    here’s the website, check it out

    Really hope you guys can solve that.





    I’m having the same problem with Internet Explorer. My site just doesn’t load on any version of Internet Explorer. I tried updating the new version of the helper-slideshow Kriesi added about a week ago to ThemeForest but it still doesn’t work.

    Hope this can be resolved… Cheers!



    Marcello and Nicole,

    I tested both sites on physical computers running old versions of IE 7 and didn’t see any major issues. I also processed some pages using a virtual windows machine in IE7,8 and 9 and am not having any issues of complete failure.

    What instance is giving you the failure on the sites? Is it the home page specifically or a specific element that isn’t functioning?


    Hey Devin!

    In my case it’s the mini content (in which i put 5 small images with 5 links) on the home page that appears really messed up!!

    the images had to stay close in order to recreate the small minicontent box like the one in the themedemo.

    here you can see what i mean!

    unfortunately it’s not my pc (but the one of a friend) because I don’t have anymore pc’s wth IE8.




    Hi Devin!

    I tested it using after someone notified me that she couldn’t see my website on her computer (using IE8 on a PC) and certainly enough, when tested, the website doesn’t load. It keeps trying to load but shows a blank page.

    I also tested it with IE 7 and 9 and got the same problem.

    All other web browsers are good to go…

    Thank you!



    Be careful with some services as it doesn’t give the page enough time to load before taking the screenshot.

    Pollack85, here is a screenshot of what I’m getting using IE7+8 right now (with no change for IE9)



    The one I tried shows you a live shot of what your website looks on a specified browser (or so it seems). But anyways, I have claims that my website doesn’t load on IE8 :(


    Anybody out there to help?

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