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    Does anyone know what kind of code a form in Enfold would need to ban certain email domains from being able to submit?



    Looks like you can use this plugin :




    I tried it, it looks like its only for blogs, and I need to prevent spammers from entering their information into the form on our site. Do you know of any other plugins?


    Hi serverlift,

    Not that I can think of but if spam is a big issue for you it may be worth it to use a different kind of contact form plugin that offers more in depth captcha or filtering options.

    It loses the theme integration but you would need to find the balance of spam vs design and go with what is best.




    Is there a way to code any of the forms so that targeted email domains are prohibited from submitting on the form?



    This plugin has the option to Blocked Email Domains:




    Thanks for the response guys. I tried the Stop Spammers plugin, but it can only block targeted email domains that try and register on the site. What I need is to block targeted domains from having the ability to submit their information in a form, so that the form rejects submissions from those targeted domains.

    When I say form I mean like a ‘Request More Information’ form, we are having problems with fake submissions.


    Have you tried ASKIMET plug in? I don’t know if it has that feature or not..but it sure does a good job of blocking spammers in general


    I have looked through the akismet plugin, but I haven’t seen anything that resembles the functionality I am looking for. Thanks for responding.


    You may be able to hire a freelance developer who can write something in either javascript or maybe a php function that will check the form data and then reject if specific data is within it. Basically form field validation but in reverse.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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