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    We have a super charged woocommerce store with enfold theme. Which hosting do you suggest for it. Where is hosted ?

    Right now we have it in wpengine.

    Thank you!


    Hey azulbambu!

    I personally use MediaTemplate with a DV server for all of my personal and client sites. The base 2gb is pretty sturdy but you could probably get away with the 1gb base level.

    Its a bit expensive for a single site but I have not used their grid server hosting in a while so I can’t recommend it one way or another.

    I’m not sure who Kriesi actually hosts with at the moment but findiing a host with servers close to your geogrpahic region is somewhat important too so looking into some semi local options might be a good idea too.

    Best regards,


    Not sure I agree that finding a host close to you is important as with all things being equal the time to access your site should be relatively the same from Australia to Tokyo or Paris.

    What is more important is the tech support you get and how quick can you get it. We use Hostway. I think they are based in Chicago and in Texas and we have dedicated servers so we get quick and excellent support. To me its the quality of the tech support that matters when your site becomes the target of a dos attack or a hack…how quick the techs are able to help you and work on your issue. Being able to pick up the phone and talk to someone in less than a minute and knowing that the person is a unix/php/mysql admin really helps with peace of mind.

    With dedicated servers you know you will get easy and quick service usually because your machine and database are not shared. With ANY service provider where you will be on a shared server then you take the risk that your site could go down or slow to a crawl due to another site creating infinite loops or database errors or simply using too many resources.

    If you are serious about hosting you need to find a host that provides a good dedicated hosting for a low fee and be sure you can get in touch with tech support 24hrs a day. Also make sure they offer daily backups. Some companies don t offer direct backups of mysql so ask them to create a nightly cron job that dumps the database in a folder above your www root so nobody can access it besides via ftp and back those up yourself once a week. Having a local backup of the mysql database can save you an awful lot of time when doing a restore.

    My 2 cents

    EDIT: Wpengine seems to be good and serious (an really cheap) but I doubt you get a dedicated server. I suspect you have a cloud site meaning you are still suceptible to other sites taking your down as you share resources. The good thing with them is that they focus on WP hosting so they should be expert at database recovery and hosting for WP sites


    Its only important in that the physical location relative to the greatest portion of your users can be a simple and cheap way to get a bit faster response time.

    So a server farm in California, even with a better physical set up, would not be optimal for a site whos users are located mostly in Russia for instance. A server with moderate capabilities (but not a budget host) located at least somewhere in Europe would be a better option.

    Good luck in finding a better host and as mentioned above getting a good working relationship with the employees of the company is a great thing to be able to do if possible.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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