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    I have set up a home page wich displays the latest products. As indicated in the Theme Settings, it shouldn’t show the blog.

    But in fact, I have the blog appearing under my latest products, which I don’t want to happen. I hav set up a different page for the blog and I want it only on that page.

    And I don’t find how to change it…


    Hi ADGWS,

    Can you create a temporary admin account for me so that I can log into your installation and take a look at whats going on.

    You can send the information to my email at DevinVinson (at) gmail.com. Make sure to include a link to this topic so that my spam filter doesn’t grab it :)




    OK, I found the problem.

    I thought that the theme was bypassing the default WordPress settings, and as I was searching for something I saw that WordPress was set to display the latest posts on the home page instead of a static page.

    So I changed id, put a static page and set my pages in it and now it’s ok !


    Hi ADGWS,

    Glad that your site is okay now. :)



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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