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    I am just finishing up a my new site and having some issues. I cleaned all the imported dummy info from the posts and started writing a new blog article. When I went to preview the draft before publishing it didn’t show on the page I had set-up as the blog and a strange red color is the text for the headers.

    I changed the blog title to Notes and red (color: #9E1E19;) is not a color called out in my stylings through the theme options or can I find the line in the CSS.

    Site is not in the wild –

    Thank you, maybe I have been looking at everything too long today.



    I forgot to mention that I can’t seem to figure out how to select the blog template I created through the template builder for the Notes page.

    Thanks again!



    Look for Overwrite default Post Layout then select dynamic template. A new metabox will appear for the dynamic templates, select the template for your blog.

    On your Angular > Theme Options > And where do you want to display the Blog?, select Notes.




    Perfect, that fixes the blog/notes issue. Thank you!

    The other issue is the red color that now appears for the page header text, active page in navigation.

    I tracked it back to the theme options body background color. I deleted the background color (empty in field). I did this to get the background color to not show in the social header at the top. When there is a background color I can’t seem to remove that color behind the social icons.

    I am sure there is another way around the color, I went through the support forum multiple times trying to find it with no luck.




    Fixed it! Amazing what looking at something with fresh eyes can do.


    Thank you for all the help!!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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