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    Blog Entries:

    1. No thumbnail image showing up in the widget for the featured blog entries. I asked to only display the title and it shows the title next to a small square that’s meant to be an image. I just want the title.

    2. Remove this portion of the comments:

    3. Instead of having the whole blog post in the main blog page posted, I want to have a little description to show the readers what the blog post is about for them to click it. Do I have to install a certain plugin to do that?

    Anybody has any ideas? Let me know. Thanks.


    Hi archtflirt,

    1) The blog posts get the small thumbnail from the featured image. There isn’t an option to *only* have the title as instead it just removes the preview text.

    You would need to use this css to remove the thumbnail container:

    .widget .news-thumb {
    display: none;

    2) You can remove the allowed tags with:

    .form-allowed-tags {
    display: none;

    3) You can use the read more tag to tell wordpress where to split the blog post previews. See:





    The reason why I only want the title is because the blog featured image is not showing up. Do you know why that could be? There is no option within the settings to set the image as featured image. There is the option to set the blog as featured blog article which is what I have done.



    You set the featured image by adding an image to the featured media meta box below the visual editor. The first image in that slideshow gets set as the image for use in thumbnails.


    Thank you :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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